Sunday, July 05, 2015

Patio is Finished!

We've been working on this project for awhile now...and I'm happy to say that McG finished this up
this past Thursday night.

We've had the patio stones since last fall.  They were just stacked behind the garage waiting for this project to become a reality.  McG's cousin works in construction and one of the homeowners he was working with was looking for someone to take these away.  So when the call came in, McG promptly went down there and picked them up....and guess what - THEY WERE FREE!!

There were 42 in all.  We used 25 of them for the 10 by 10 foot patio and the rest went under the swing in the back and a few under our new garbage and recycling shed.We added some driveway pavers off the corners to hold the planters and hostas.

We had our first bonfire out there on Friday and then another one again last night!

This patio is going to get alot of great use in our backyard...Here's to a great summer on our new patio!!