Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cool Temperatures and Thoughts of Fall

The weather is cool here today and very breezy...
I have said recently that I felt that summer has really passed us by here since we've been so busy packing up our current home and working over at our new home.

There are just about two weeks left until we leave this house.
 We haven't entertained all summer - in fact we have yet to spend any time in our backyard at all
...except of course when we are cutting the lawn.

Even the gardens got a little bit of neglect this summer.

I am really looking forward to the fall...

When things will slow down a bit...hopefully

and our stuff will be in its new home...

where I will have new rooms to decorate for my favourite season...

We will certainly miss our current home...
and our yard

But today...I can look back
on Fall in this home
with very fond memories...

I'm enjoying the day...


Tuesday, August 05, 2014

We're still here!!

I feel like I've been MIA a lot lately - but in truth I've been here hiding in the shadows.

I've been packing away each day and still purging and our bedroom looks pretty much like this today!

How's that for keeping it real!! 
 I'd hate for you to think that the house is always in pristine condition and quite frankly,
  all this reality is kind of getting to me.

In my spare time I've been on Pinterest checking out rooms that are clean and styled and box-free!!
You can follow me @ Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG and check out all the
great stuff I've been pinning on my new house board!

We've been working on the other house as well. 
 Thanks to the fact that we are buying that house from McG's sister and her husband - they have been gracious enough to let us start working on the garage while we wait for the closing date of August 29th to arrive.

I snapped this one as he was mid-stride to getting some tools
...but as you can see we've taken down the ceiling, added new supports to the roof rafters and some additional studs to the walls. 
 We actually filled a huge dumpster with over 3 tonnes of stuff when we cleaned this out.

Since this picture was taken, he has added new wiring and had the roof insulated with spray foam.
  In addition to that he painted the roof with a rubberized paint.
 This past weekend we re-routed some of the downspouts on the house and took up some of the interlocking brick driveway and re-graded it so that the water would run away from the house and garage.  

None of these projects were "blog-worthy" as far as I was concerned, so I don't have pictures to show you.

We are continuing to pack up stuff here at home when we aren't over there working.
  Most of McG's garage and tools have been packed up and transported over to their new space. 
 We've made some trips to a storage unit to bring furniture that won't be coming to the new house. 
 Our daughter is taking it and storing it as she and her significant other will be looking for a home of their own in the near future (or so she says...)

We've got about 3 more weeks until the final move - so I might be missing for awhile longer
I promise there will be lots to share and show you once we get moved in!

I hope your summer is going great - I feel like we haven't really enjoyed ours - as we've been working and packing every single spare moment we have...

I'm looking forward to a great FALL in our new house!!