Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Sneak Peek at the New House!

Now that the closets are cleaned out and the yard sales are finished,
 I thought you'd might like a sneak peek at the new house.

This is a view of the back entry of the house.  
That large window looks out of the family room.

Here's one of the garage. 
 It's where we've been focusing our attention.
  McG has been working on the inside - re-doing the wiring and updating the doors. 
He's taken down the drop ceiling inside, which I have no photos of, because
I'm a great blogger like that!!

He has also painted the metal roof with a rubberized paint. 
 We have plans to paint the house and garage a dark Charcoal grey with white trim. 
 Next summer we plan to turn that "car port" into a screened-in porch.
The mosquitoes are terrible here and that will give us an opportunity to stay out at night and enjoy the weather.

Can't you just see that arbour covered in climbing roses or a purple Clematis??!!
For right now it's looking a bit "Sanford and Son" since I've brought all my garden art from the other house
and just kind of dumped it in that small garden.  

This is a view of the back of the house from under the "car port". 
 It was a pre-fab house that was built in the 1970's. 
 The family room was added on sometime in the '80's. 

This cute little bungalow totally suits our needs for the future...
One floor living, no basement and a main floor laundry!!

It officially becomes "ours" at the end of August, but McG's sister and her husband
 (who are the current owners) have given us permission to start some of our projects!

Stay tuned as we begin this new journey!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Selling Unwanted Items Through Social Media


The purge is over...
I have filled more than my 40 bags in less than 40 days and we've had two yard sales in the last month.
We, in fact, sent a whole van full of stuff to our local Value Village this weekend.

I'm questioning if yard sales are the way to go anymore. 

This little table didn't sell at the yard sale this weekend...

I had it priced at $10.00 - a more than fair price I thought. 
 I had someone offer me $2.00 but I turned them down.

First of all, it's an antique, and while I know it doesn't have it original finish and you can find them just about anywhere, I did put my time and money into painting it. 
 I felt that $10.00 was more than fair and I didn't let it go.
  McG said I should have sold it for $2.00.  

I posted it this morning on a local Buy/Sell Facebook page. 
 It was sold within one minute of posting for my $10.00 price tag.

I kept some of the bigger items that didn't sell at the yard sale and I've now posted them on that site as well. I've made more than $50.00 this morning on items that would otherwise just went to the local Value Village.
And I'm thinking that $50.00 in my pocket is better than donating, especially since we are a single income family and every dollar counts!

What I'd like to know is...

Are you using social media to sell items that are no longer needed/used in your home??

Am I just late to this trend or is this something that is just taking off??

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Target Finds...Shopping for the New House!

OK - I took a break from packing yesterday and ran a few errands 
like getting the oil changed in the van
 and I took the opportunity to stop and do some shopping for the new house.

First I must say that Target here has been great for finding cool home decor on clearance.
  When they first opened here I was disappointed that they weren't more like their U.S. counterparts
 - but now the Target store I frequent most in Michigan is just like the one here. 
 It's great not to have to cross the border to shop there!

I popped in to kill some time before the Home Sense store opened.
I found two of these gold dipped lamps!

...for just...$14.99!!

I also found these...

... two runners to match my dining room carpet.
You can see my carpet in the background.

They were marked down to $19.99

The new house is already painted in tones of brown, olive green and red
and for now I will be keeping these colours
 - so these will be good for almost any room in the house.

Both these items were from the Threshold collection  - which is quickly becoming one of my favourites!

Have you found anything on clearance at Target lately?

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I'm still here...

Last week I told you I was going to take on the 40 bags in 40 days challenge as part of our packing process.

I have been sifting through literally what seems like TONS of stuff - trying to make some tough decisions as to what to take and what to let go of for the move later this summer.

Many have told me that I am working too hard and that we have LOTS of time to get stuff packed, but let me tell you - WE SERIOUSLY HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!!

And it's not just me, although most of my family says "it's my stuff" - but really it's our stuff.

Today I cleaned out the filing cabinet and shredded all the old documents and tax forms that we weren't required to keep.  I amassed 6 green garbage bags from this!!

along with two that I did yesterday

Today I also cleaned out the closet in the office...

This pile stays and will get moved down to the basement where we have the rest of our stuff piled.

This pile is to go out to the garage for the yard sale pile.

The stuff for the yard sale is pretty much taking over the garage and it is growing daily!!

We've even started a pile for our daughter who is getting a storage unit and taking some of our excess furniture as she and her boyfriend are going to be getting a home of their own soon!!

There are still a few closets to go through...I hope to have those done shortly.

Yesterday I cleaned out my clothes closet and got rid of anything that I haven't worn in the last year.  I  packed it all in a bag for the local Value Village and then filled 2 Rubbermaid totes with dress clothes and winter items I won't need until after we have moved in.

I have to say the more things I go through the easier it is to let things go.  Tomorrow's job is to tackle the buffet and china and pack that.

We are going to working on the garage at the new house in order to get it ready to move some of our stuff over.  It's actually quite good for us that we bought the house from McG's sister and her husband.  We have a lot of liberties that we wouldn't have if we had bought from a stranger and we are so THANKFUL that they are allowing us to do some of the work ahead of time.

Until then - I'm keeping it real here on the homefront...and trying not to live in chaos - not sure how I'm making out - WHAT DO YOU THINK???