Monday, April 04, 2016

Where I've Been...March Recap

Hello Friends!

It's been awhile again since I've been here...hope you are still following along!

Just wanted to pop in and give you a synopsis of where we've been and what we've been up.

March is the month that McG and I look forward to all winter as it's the month he takes two weeks of
vacation and we head down south to Florida to soak up some rays and just relax.

McG has a pretty hectic job.  He designs molds that build parts for cars and other consumer goods.
He spends almost 60 hours a week at his "day-job" and then comes home each night and works on projects here or helps our daughter and her boyfriend with projects at their home.  He is what we call an energizer bunny...  He NEEDS to be busy, and while his friends and family think its ME that keeps him going.  It is not...if he doesn't have a project, he makes a project. So when I do get him to slow down and relax, we like to spend the better part of our vacation just lounging by the pool enjoying the sun, some snacks and beverages!

Since returning from vacation, things have been slower here as far as projects go.  We did paint the hallway before we went away with the same color we used in the living room and entry.  Repose Gray made darker with a bit of Dorian Gray leftover from the kitchen reno.  It really brightens up the hallway.  This week he is in the process of adding in some new baseboards that have been painted a bright white semi-gloss.

The hallway is long and dark with seven doorways. We kept the original door frame trim and gave it a fresh coat of paint.  They were previously stained a dark walnut color which added to the dark feel of the hallway.  We decided to leave the doors stained dark and we purchased a wider baseboard to freshen up the space.  We will give the doors a fresh coat of stain once the weather warms up here and they will also get new door handles.  They currently still have the original hardware from the 70's.

Here's a look at what the hallway looked like before.

We are really loving the transformation.  It's much brighter.  We have chosen not to put the carpets back into the hallway for now. 

While we were away I picked up a couple of new decor items.  My favourite is this "hello" sign that I actually purchased at the Hobby Lobby in Michigan on the way home.

I added it to the wall over the buffet in the entryway.

This week I was able to hook up with my girlfriend for a day of thrifting and I picked up this green vase and a cute white pineapple for the bookcase in the living room.  I paid $6 for each.

I have one more project to share that was completed before we went to Florida last month.
McG split the original kitchen island into two  and installed them on either side of the large kitchen window by the eating area.  One of them I used to create a coffee station for him.

 The little metal shelf with hooks I purchased at our local Home Sense for $25.

Now that these cabinets are installed, we are contemplating adding a banquette between them for extra storage and to act as seating on one side of the table.

We really enjoyed our break from reality, but we did miss being at home as well.  We are hoping that the weather around here will get warmer soon.  We have a few projects to finish up here inside before that happens, and then we will be working on some great things outside!

Until next time....THANKS for visiting!!