Wednesday, November 22, 2017


OK - it's not DONE - but it's done enough for a reveal!

If you are just joining us - here's a look at the mood board from the room...

And here she is...

sorry - this one is a little blurry  :S  The piece on the right is a clock, but you can't see it very well from the glare from the lights...  I put this chair in here so that I can just sit and admire it.

McG helped me hang some of the things for the gallery wall.   I have wanted a gallery wall for sometime now, but was never sure where to put one.  I didn't purchased any of this new.  It all came from my stash, having lived somewhere else in the house before this.  I need a few more pieces but it's coming together nicely.

Laundry is definitely higher on my to-do list now that I can spend time in this room!  It's a definite upgrade from the tiny closet it used to be in and having the laundry room closer to the bedrooms is a plus as well.

McG still has to strip and restain the door and add new hardware, but she's pretty much finished up.
We finished it up in just 5 weeks, working mainly on weekends and a few nights after work.

The cost for the project came in around $700, which included the flooring, paint, and the cost of running the water and gas lines to the room.

There's only a couple rooms left to renovate in this house - the family room, which will be our first project in the new year, and the spare bedroom.  Stayed tuned for our next adventure...


Monday, November 13, 2017

Laundry Room Progress

Hey there!  Happy Monday!  It's grey and cold here this morning...

I wanted to pop in and share some laundry room progress.  If you follow on Facebook or Instagram you've probably already seen what's been going on.

Here's a reminder of the look we are going for...

Two weeks ago, we ripped up the carpet from the small bedroom that we are moving our laundry room to.  McG and our son installed water and gas lines, which took the better part of a couple of weekends, since our son was on afternoon shift and not available during the week to help his Dad.

This past week McG gave the ceiling a fresh coat of white paint and then two of the walls got two coats of "Hale Navy" by Benjamin Moore that was colour matched to Beautitone paint from Home Hardware.  The other two walls were painted two coats of "Just Chillin'" from Home Hardware. It was leftover from the main bathroom project. 

While the paint dried, McG headed into the attic to install the wiring for a ceiling fixture in this room.  Previously we had a cage light that was plugged into an electrical outlet and operated with a switch.  It was time for an actual ceiling fixture. 

Yesterday afternoon we started on the flooring.  It is a vinyl plank click lock flooring that we purchased at Home Depot.  The colour is called Harrison Pine Dark.

There are three different widths of planks in each box all with different colour variations.  I have to say it was quite easy to install.  McG might say differently, but it took about 2 hours to install, but the most time was trying to figure out a pattern and not put too many of the same coloured planks too close together. 

My vision is really coming together on this room and I think having a mood board to work from really helped in keeping us on track. 

Next up we will be painting and installing some new baseboard trim.  Once that's complete we will be moving the washer and dryer in and setting up the pretty stuff!!