Monday, July 17, 2017

Three Weeks to Paradise

Hello Friends!

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we've been busy creating our own little paradise here at home!

After just over three weeks, we are finally finished - here's how it turned out!

First we decided where the fence would go and purchased pre-made sections from our local Lowe's store.  We installed the posts ourselves and then secured on the sections.

We have a side yard that is approximately 30 feet wide , so we utilized the back 40 feet of it which was just grass.  We rented a sod cutter and McG and his brother took out all the grass.

Then we leveled the area where the pool would be and installed the brick pavers that the legs of the pool sit on.  We had a few of our family and friends over to help install the pool and then we waited for it to fill up.

We purchased some patio stones on a local site for less than half the price and that gave us a 10 x 12 foot patio.

 Before we installed the patio, we built a small deck to access the pool. Once everything was done in this area, we had 9 yards of stone delivered and we laid down landscaping fabric and then spread the stone throughout the whole area.  This will keep the maintenance low in this area.

I thought you'd like a short tour of the rest of our yard...

This is the garden in the side yard that leads up to the pool area.

We had enough stone left over from the pool area to add to our front gardens, so we checked another project off our to-do list this past weekend. I was forever trying to keep up to the weeds in this area, so this makes things a little more maintenance free for me!

We even extended part of the front garden and shuffled around a few plants and added a new tree up front since our weeping mulberry was rotting.  We had this small Japanses maple tree in the back yard, so we brought it up front to replace the rotting tree.

I weeded the beds and we added landscaping fabric down before we added the stone.

Here's a look into our backyard from the driveway.

I hope you liked our new "paradise" area here at home.  We have enjoyed the pool already and look forward to adding this entertaining space to our home!  

Thanks for visiting!