Friday, August 05, 2016

Just When You Think You Are Finished With a Project...

You know that great feeling that you get when you are able to cross something off your to-do list???

I had that feeling last week when I blogged about the changes that we made to the exterior of our house...

But this week McG decided that the covered porch off the garage needed more work...a "cheap, quick project" that would have big results.  So, who am I to say no!...well, I think that I should have.

Here's a close up of one of the photos I shared last week.  As you can see, the boards and posts were not in the best condition.

We had given them a quick fix last year by painting them black.  McG felt that to be safe, he would replace the posts and add new boards to the framing, with the hopes that either later this fall or early next spring he would be able to screen in this area.

The photo below really shows the wood rot on the roof supports.

McG cut back the metal roofing and the rotting end of the supports.

Then he supported the end of the roof and began to replace the posts.  However, the short brick knee wall was attached and had to be taken down in order to get the job done right.

What went from a 'cheap and quick' project, is now a big headache and will be more costly to finish up as now we will have to rebuild the short knee wall out of wood and then add siding to it to keep it waterproof.

I'm actually liking it fully open and am hoping that he changes his mind about screening it in. But then on the otherhand, it would be good to have it screened so that we could sit out there at night and enjoy the space without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.  This project is obviously going to take longer than we thought, and it will take a bigger bite out of renovation budget.

The worse part of this project has been having to dig up the garden that I had created along the edge of it.  Hopefully those plants will survive in this heat until they can be replanted in.

I will keep you posted on our progress. We only have a few weeks left before our annual Labour Day BBQ so I'm hoping we don't run into any more problems on this one!!

Until then, I'm hoping when all is said and done, we don't regret starting this project - Has that every happened to you?  I'd love to hear your story!!