Sunday, February 26, 2017

Moving at a slower pace...

Like many of you I follow a whole whack of bloggers...and I am amazed at the pace they seem to get their projects done.  McG and I worked at a fast pace when we first moved here, but these days projects seem to take a whole lot longer to complete.

We started our main bath reno right after Christmas...we seemed to get the cabinets refinished quickly but the rest of the room has been moving at a snail's pace...

Here are some BEFORE photos to give you an idea of what we started with.

Green walls, walnut cabinets that were pretty tired and worn.

Pretty 1980's...(I didn't even crop out that empty toilet paper roll...that's how real I'm keeping it today!)

A great big mirror..

And some slate tile flooring and pretty worn trim.

Now for the plan.  I had wanted to enlarge the bathroom by stealing some square footage from a small bedroom that backs on to the bathroom.  McG, however, felt that we should keep the bedroom as is for a storage/weight room option.  I have to confess that I don't usually give in, but for now, I'm letting him think that I did.  I agreed, for the time being, to give the bathroom an overhaul without changing the footprint.  So this room is getting the following updates.

1.    Paint - a light grey called "just chillin'" - in a Beauti-tone kitchen/bath paint
2.    Sanded and re-stained the cabinets in a weather grey/brown finish
3.    New white trim and baseboards
4.    New counter top
5.    New faucets
6.    New light fixture
7.    New mirror
8.    New flooring
9.    New fan/light switches/ground fault electrical outlet
10.  Sand and restain the bathroom door and add new handles

We have purchased everything and are in a state of limbo.  The cabinets are done - we didn't replace the hardware because we did that when we moved in.  The door has been sanded, stained and the new handles are on.

We have done some patching and sanding of the drywall and new electrical and a fan was put in.

The first coat of paint went up today (Saturday) and the second will go up tomorrow morning (Sunday).  WE ARE WEEKEND WARRIORS!!!

I am hoping that if we can pick up the pace, the bathroom will be completed and put back together 
by the end of next weekend!!

Finally, to really let you know that DIY is not glamorous, I had a counter top and sink, along with the upper tank to the toilet as decoration in my entryway today!

I can't wait to be able to show you the finished room!