Saturday, September 08, 2018

MIA - My Life and Where I've Been

Hello Friends!

I can't believe that almost six months has gone by.  Can you believe that summer is over already?

I certainly can't!  Life has really been getting in the way of my getting here. However, if you follow my Instagram account (@thecreativeme23) you would have seen some of what's been keeping me so busy.

Since I started back to work part-time (over 2 years ago already), things have been slower moving here at home.  It probably also has a lot to do with the fact that we don't have very many spaces left here in this house to complete.

Spring saw the completion of our family room.  I haven't done a proper reveal post, but here it is today as I type this...It's a cool, grey day here today.

This is everyday life here today, lol, and we love how it turned out.  As you can see we added some shiplap to the walls around the closets and painted an accent wall of Dorian Grey behind the fireplace.  Gone are the 8 foot brick walls that actually made the room look smaller.  The fireplace is free-standing now which we think gives it a more modern look.  We have yet to paint out the closet doors, and to be quite honest, it most likely won't be done anytime soon!

September is upon us and hunting season for McG is just around the corner.  We also have a grandson that is due to arrive in about 6 weeks!  We are soooooooooo looking forward to his arrival and have been helping our daughter and her partner get ready. 

A good chunk of my free time this spring and summer went to planning and throwing her a baby shower that was everything she had dreamed of.  Our daughter is a girly girl and wanted a Kate Spade inspired shower, and that's exactly what she got!  Baby blue and gold with polka dots. I made the centerpieces and the food was a group effort from all of her Aunts and her Grandmother and I.  It was a perfect day and she was showered with lots of love and gifts for her and the baby.

Any spare time that McG and I had, we spent by the pool!  It was a HOT summer here in Ontario, which was just fine with us.  We got a huge amount of use out of our backyard oasis.  We fit in a quick trip to Shipshewana Indiana at the beginning of July which is always fun.

McG also built a few things for the yard, including a great bar height table for under the covered porch and a BBQ cabana.  The cabana is something he has wanted for awhile.  The kids and I gave him Home Depot cards for Father's Day so he had a headstart on funding the project.

Here it is all completed.  I will post a kind of How-to later this week (hopefully!)

This bar table he built from scraps that he had lying around in the garage.  One Sunday we had no plans and he was bored so this is what I got as a surprise.  Sometimes it's really great to have a handy hubby with ADHD.  He creates his own projects when there's nothing to do! LOL

In order to help our daughter organize her kitchen before the arrival of the baby, McG built her a coffee bar.  She has a small galley kitchen with not much counter space.  In order to free up some of the space and still have a place for her small appliances, like a coffee maker and toaster, she wanted something that wouldn't take up too much space in her dining room.  This is what he built for her...

 It's 4 feet long and 18 inches deep.  Just the perfect size.  She has it fully stocked now so I will have to get her to send me an updated photo.

Well that's what's been going on here for the last 5 months or so.  The cooler weather is here this week and it's giving me the urge to nest and change up some of the decor around here.  I will be sure and pop in to show you really soon! 

Until then, I'd love to hear about your summer!  Drop me some comments, I'd LOVE to hear from you!