Wednesday, November 22, 2017


OK - it's not DONE - but it's done enough for a reveal!

If you are just joining us - here's a look at the mood board from the room...

And here she is...

sorry - this one is a little blurry  :S  The piece on the right is a clock, but you can't see it very well from the glare from the lights...  I put this chair in here so that I can just sit and admire it.

McG helped me hang some of the things for the gallery wall.   I have wanted a gallery wall for sometime now, but was never sure where to put one.  I didn't purchased any of this new.  It all came from my stash, having lived somewhere else in the house before this.  I need a few more pieces but it's coming together nicely.

Laundry is definitely higher on my to-do list now that I can spend time in this room!  It's a definite upgrade from the tiny closet it used to be in and having the laundry room closer to the bedrooms is a plus as well.

McG still has to strip and restain the door and add new hardware, but she's pretty much finished up.
We finished it up in just 5 weeks, working mainly on weekends and a few nights after work.

The cost for the project came in around $700, which included the flooring, paint, and the cost of running the water and gas lines to the room.

There's only a couple rooms left to renovate in this house - the family room, which will be our first project in the new year, and the spare bedroom.  Stayed tuned for our next adventure...



  1. Your laundry room looks amazing. I love the wall color and I wish I had room to put a chair in my laundry room......great job!!


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