Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I'm still here...

Last week I told you I was going to take on the 40 bags in 40 days challenge as part of our packing process.

I have been sifting through literally what seems like TONS of stuff - trying to make some tough decisions as to what to take and what to let go of for the move later this summer.

Many have told me that I am working too hard and that we have LOTS of time to get stuff packed, but let me tell you - WE SERIOUSLY HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!!

And it's not just me, although most of my family says "it's my stuff" - but really it's our stuff.

Today I cleaned out the filing cabinet and shredded all the old documents and tax forms that we weren't required to keep.  I amassed 6 green garbage bags from this!!

along with two that I did yesterday

Today I also cleaned out the closet in the office...

This pile stays and will get moved down to the basement where we have the rest of our stuff piled.

This pile is to go out to the garage for the yard sale pile.

The stuff for the yard sale is pretty much taking over the garage and it is growing daily!!

We've even started a pile for our daughter who is getting a storage unit and taking some of our excess furniture as she and her boyfriend are going to be getting a home of their own soon!!

There are still a few closets to go through...I hope to have those done shortly.

Yesterday I cleaned out my clothes closet and got rid of anything that I haven't worn in the last year.  I  packed it all in a bag for the local Value Village and then filled 2 Rubbermaid totes with dress clothes and winter items I won't need until after we have moved in.

I have to say the more things I go through the easier it is to let things go.  Tomorrow's job is to tackle the buffet and china and pack that.

We are going to working on the garage at the new house in order to get it ready to move some of our stuff over.  It's actually quite good for us that we bought the house from McG's sister and her husband.  We have a lot of liberties that we wouldn't have if we had bought from a stranger and we are so THANKFUL that they are allowing us to do some of the work ahead of time.

Until then - I'm keeping it real here on the homefront...and trying not to live in chaos - not sure how I'm making out - WHAT DO YOU THINK???


  1. I love it! Do you feel good?...:)JP

  2. You're doing an amazing job. If I lived closer, 'd be over for that chair in you garage sale pile,, I have a thing for chairs. Good luck, I'm going to tackle my scrapping room today, hope I've half as efficient as you have been.

  3. Never a fun task but always so rewarding. I hope all is well with you :)

  4. Great job, Cheryl! You're going to be so happy that when you're setting up your new home that all of this stuff is gone.


  5. Ladies - it was difficult to start, but now it seems the more I purge the easier it gets to let things go...


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