Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cool Temperatures and Thoughts of Fall

The weather is cool here today and very breezy...
I have said recently that I felt that summer has really passed us by here since we've been so busy packing up our current home and working over at our new home.

There are just about two weeks left until we leave this house.
 We haven't entertained all summer - in fact we have yet to spend any time in our backyard at all
...except of course when we are cutting the lawn.

Even the gardens got a little bit of neglect this summer.

I am really looking forward to the fall...

When things will slow down a bit...hopefully

and our stuff will be in its new home...

where I will have new rooms to decorate for my favourite season...

We will certainly miss our current home...
and our yard

But today...I can look back
on Fall in this home
with very fond memories...

I'm enjoying the day...



  1. It's a cooler day here too, Cheryl and there are some good stiff breezes too. Fine by me!
    How exciting that your moving day is so close!


  2. Great post..I can't wait to see what you do in the new place!

  3. thanks ladies!! Only 10 more days until we get the new house!

  4. So exciting that you have such a short amount of time before you're in your new home! I know you're looking forward to nesting and decorating the new place.

    I'm just starting the packing process and don't look forward to it!


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