Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Well...we made it through! 
 There were many long days and nights, but everything got moved over quite seamlessly.

If you follow me on Facebook...(and if you don't, you should!!), you've already seen the sneak peek I posted a few days ago.  
Then again, the way Facebook has been might not of!

Here it is...

It's only the first arrangement.  
Some pieces have already been moved around or  moved out of the room.

I apologize for the dark photos...this was taken the first night we were in the house - but I thought it looked pretty good for only being in the house a few hours!

The olive green wall colour was here when we bought the house and our furniture looks quite nice with it.
 For now the walls will stay the same colour. 

As you can see not everything was unpacked. 
 There are still many boxes in every room, but I'm working hard to get everything into its new home.
  I will have to have another yard sale. 
 Even after all that I purged and got rid of, I still have too much stuff for this smaller home.  

I'm down to "the good stuff" - all of my favourites, so it will be hard to part with some of it.  

I will be posting the new house room by room.
I am still trying to style my new bookcase in the living room.  

We've been in the house officially since last Friday and we've accomplished so much already.
I can't wait to show you!!



  1. I'll look forward to seeing the new house. You did a great job on this room and very quickly!

  2. Kudos to you guys for the successful move! I'm loving the sneak peek of your new living room. It really looks adorable, despite the dark effect of the photo. It's amazing that it already looks well-organized on your first night there, which is a testament to your hard work. Thanks for sharing that picture! I can't wait to see more!

    Myron Payne @ Finlay Brewer

    1. thanks Myron...the room doesn't get a lot of natural light and the walls are olive green - by the time the room was completed it was dark outside as well which doesn't help


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