Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Tour of the the "new" house!

Projects are getting completed around here faster than I can photograph them.

Case in point, the kitchen faucet.

It used to look like this...and yes I picked this out of the garbage to show you.
  McG had started the project before I could get my camera out and
 the bad blogger that I am, I hadn't taken any "before" pictures!!

We had purchased a new faucet before we moved in since we knew that the old one had seen
better days.

Last night McG installed it for me...and NO I didn't take pictures while he did it. 
 He's been completing so many projects in the last few days,
 I've just been staying out of the way unless he asks for my help.

Here it is!

As long as you are here checking out the new faucet, I figured I'd give you a tour of the kitchen.

It's raining here this morning, so I apologize for the dark photos.  

Dark tomato red walls and walnut cabinetry.
Not really my colours, but I will work with them for now.

I'm envisioning a light aqua or grey walls with white cabinets.

I have already changed the cabinet handles out as well.
They used to look like this, brass with beige centers.

Now they are a more modern and streamlined brushed nickel.

I have yet to find a good place for the garbage pail, so for now it's sitting at the end of the island.

Hope you enjoyed the tour...I'll be back later this week with more of the tour of the new house.



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