Monday, September 08, 2014

An Outside View of Our New House...and some plans for the future

Hi there!  

Things have been moving along here and we are pretty much settled in on the inside of the house.

We have officially been here a week and some major things have gone on.
The most dramatic of which is the trimming of some trees in the side lot.

When we bought the house, there were 5 huge pine trees that covered the side lot.  
They looked like this...

You can just make out a little of the house behind there and their shed.  
The side yard, looks like this today.

The day after we moved in, some of our friends called to stay they wanted to spend the day helping us.
 I knew that McG was a little stressed at the prospect of all the work we had to do in this house, so I thought that getting outside and doing something destructive might help.
  I told the men to bring gloves and get ready for a big project.  

We wanted to open up the side yard and the view of the house from the street.
 The men made quick work of trimming the pine trees up to fence level.
 The trees still provide great privacy from the neighbours, but having them trimmed up gave me a place to make a little garden!

You can tell how far they came out into the yard by the way the grass is growing.
They were only able to get three of the trees trimmed that day, leaving two more for another time.

I thought I would also show you some photos of the outside of the front of the house.

It is a pre-fabricated home that was built in 1969.  

We have plans to take off the shutters and paint the exterior a dark charcoal gray with white trim.

The doors we plan to paint a dark orange/red colour.

What do you think?  
Do you have any suggestions of things to do?
I'd love to hear your ideas!!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Cheryl!

    Love the dark charcoal grey idea for the body of the house!

    Here's my two cents: Replace the shutters (with good quality shutters, the same height as the windows) and paint them black. The door will look great in a cherry red. Maybe add window boxes in black as well.

    The new side garden is cute!



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