Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Home Tour...the Living Room Edition!

OK friends today we are touring the living room at the "new to us" house.

Things are pretty much settled in grab a drink and take a look around!

The walls are a caramel-taupe and match well with our area rug from the other house.  
When we acquired the house, this room had brown micro-suede curtain panels that matched well with our furniture, but I felt they made the room look too dark.
  I lightened them up by switching them out with lovely aqua coloured faux silk panels that I purchased for just $10/panel.
  A great bargain that made a huge difference in the feel of the room.

For extra storage I took the mirror off of this dresser that used to be in the office at the old house and turned it into a sofa table behind the loveseat.

I am quite thrilled to have this bookcase wall. 
 It provides great storage behind the doors and gives me plenty of space to decorate above.

This is the same furniture we had in the living room at the old house.  
And there is Sloan sneaking in on the action.

Oops...forgot to move the speakers from under the table before I took this photo!!

The buffet resides in the entryway here..for now. 
 It may get moved into the kitchen, but for now I'm liking it here.

This is the view from the entry.  

That's it for the tour of the living room.
Stay tuned for more "new to us" house tour later in the week!


  1. Very nice. Love the clock between the windows :)

  2. Visiting from Count Your Blessing Link Party..Glad I found Your blog. Love Your Built-ins and The Clock between the Windows also.Smiles.Cindy

    1. Hello Cindy! Thanks for your lovely comments!


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