Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Progress on the Stairs...

Projects have been few and far between around here lately.

Back last fall we ripped out our carpets and installed laminate flooring that we purchased at our local Costco.  It's a great wide plank laminate with hand scraping and a lovely mahogany colour.

We had decided then to leave the stairs leading up from the entryway as carpet until after the holidays.  Since the holidays have been long gone, I decided to try and get McG to work on this project.  It's difficult this time of year now that fishing weather is upon us, as he would much rather spend his days on the water in his new boat.

However, he has agreed to make it his project this week since the weather here hasn't been too conducive to fishing.

He has begun to cut, fit and stain the new stair treads.  We weren't lucky enough to find "great" stairs under the carpet.  Here is the first stair tread in place.

We had the stain custom matched to our new laminate floor colour.  We purchased the stair treads from our local Lumber Liquidators.  They are an unfinished oak tread.  McG measured and cut them to fit and then stained them with the custom gel stain.  He then did five coats of a water based clear coat for extra protection.

Here's a better look at the treads all in place.

He has yet to finish the backs and sides.  We decided to go with just a white painted finish on those parts of the stairs.

I am so excited to have them finally done.  I will make sure and post the finished stairs and a tutorial of how he completed the project very soon!



  1. It's going to look fabulous when completed, Cheryl! Excited for you!!~~Angela

  2. It looks wonderful!! Can't wait to see it when it is finished!!

  3. I sooo would love a staircase makeover. I hate carpet on the stairs but we have a kiddo and a huge dog. I wonder, is it slippery going down with hardwood??

    1. Christine - they are a bit slippery, but I don't know if its just because we are not used to them yet - McG has suggested a carpet runner but I am hesitant to cover up their loveliness!! LOL

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    We have been thinking of doing that to our stairs.
    You and McG are doing a great job. I love the way they look so far.

  5. Thanks Julie! It's been a long process but we are getting there!


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