Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another New Addition to the Living Room...

I am so thankful that my Mom knows how to sew!  She is a great seamstress and has even reupholstered some furniture in her day...but those talents she didn't pass on to my sister and I!!

Last time you were here, I showed you the great new metal wall plaque in our living room.

The orange in that plaque is just what I needed to warm up the space.  I knew I needed to bring some of the red and orange into the room, but I really wasn't keen on those orange and brown striped pillows.  They are the ones that originally came with the sofa, but I had been hiding them in the office as I never liked them.

This week though I made a trip to Fabricland and found a great new fabric to help tie everything together.
I had Mom sew some new covers for those striped pillows.  She rolled her eyes a bit when I showed up with the fabric and pillows.  It seems I have a reputation of being a bit of a "pillow whore" - or at least that's what my family thinks!  I feel it is just a great cost effective way to bring new life to a room!

The fabric was clearance priced at $10.00/metre (originally $27.00/metre) - still kind of pricey, but I knew that one metre would be more than enough to cover the two pillows, in fact I even have some leftover!

The background of the fabric is a khaki tan that co-ordintates well with the piping on the sofa.  The colours really brighten up the room and tie in the colours from the wall plaque.

These new colours are going to be what I work with for my holiday decorating as well.  I am excited to be adding some fresh new colours to our home.  They really radiate warmth and that's just what we need now that the temperatures outside have dipped pretty low.  It's a balmy 24 degrees Fahrenheit today and with the windchill it feels even colder.

I've started bringing out small Christmas touches...trying to sneak them in without McG knowing.

I will be sure and show you this week as things progress.  We are still finishing up with the painting of the trim and doors in the bedroom.  Once that's complete (it shouldn't be too much longer) I will be able to haul out all of the Christmas boxes from under the stairs and get to work.  I feel like I'm behind as most other bloggers have already had their trees and decorations up for some time now!

That's what's going on this weekend here at our house...what are you up to this weekend??


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  1. Look's good, compliments the new wall plaque to a tee!

  2. That was kind of your mother to make them up for you, Cheryl, and they are pretty.

  3. Very nice love how it ties in and works nicely together! So cheerful. Thank you for sharing at One More Time Events…. Tammy

  4. Pillows can really make such a difference! A bright stripe or pattern can really liven up a whole room.

  5. thanks for all the great comments! My Mom is always up for a sewing project...keeps her young!!

  6. cute, I always have my Mom sew for me too....very fun and cheerful!!!

  7. Your colors are stunning, and that wall piece is beautiful! I am so grateful that I do know how to sew. It has saved me so much money over the years and even provided me with a home-based business for a number of years.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  8. The metal plaque is beautiful. I love the warm colors. The fabric looks like it was made to match. Everything looks great!


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