Thursday, February 26, 2015

Using up some leftover paint...

If you follow with Facebook, you saw on Sunday that I started work on our fireplace.
I posted a sneak peek and expected to hear from many of you telling me not to paint it.
Even McG was skeptical - brick, like wood, according to him, should never be painted.

I was taking my chances.  We had discussed taking out the brick and replacing it with some
of the new light weight stone options that they have on the market.  I knew that this could be
done for almost FREE since I had paint left over from the master bathroom project.
And if I didn't like it, we could always take it down and replace it.

Here's what she looked like before...

This was in her Christmas reclaimed brick with oak trim and carmel colored concrete inset.

I decided I wanted to freshen her up and give her a lighter and brighter feel.

I grabbed the leftover craft paint that I had from doing the bathroom countertop project.
I put some onto a paper plate and used a damp round sponge to paint each brick individually.

Here she is as I started...

The afternoon sun was making the paint look blue in every picture I took, but I assure you, in person she is a lovely grey.

Once I had finished painting the brick, I used some of the leftover wall paint from the bathroom project as well.  I painted out the caramel concrete section that lovely light grey.

This room makeover is not on the list to complete for sometime, but I couldn't wait to see how painting this out would change the feel of the room...

I'm very pleased with how it turned out and can't wait until we paint out this room as well.

Are you using leftover paint in any projects at your house?  I'd love to hear about them!


  1. you got my vote....I really like how it turned out!!!! Great color choices!

  2. Oh, Cheryl, I do need to use some paint I purchased. Somehow, my mental list of jobs I was going to do over the winter hasn't been touched and it's March already. Thanks for the inspiration. Today is busy, but I need to pick a project and get on with it!


  3. The soft grey look complements the black of the woodburner perfectly... fantastic! Now you just need to paint the rest of the walls in that same grey and it will all tie together ;)


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