Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thrift Store Thursday

This week's Thrift Store score is not decor or home related...but it is something that I wear EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I scored three pairs of OLD NAVY jeans for less than $20...just $5.99 a pair.

Clothing is not something that I find very often, but since I spend everyday in jeans, it's nice to find some that don't cost HUGE amounts of money.

I brought them home and promptly washed them, because I'm always a little leery with buying thrift store clothing.  They washed up beautifully, as I knew they would.  They will be a welcome addition
to my arsenal of jeans and give me some new styling options.

Two are Rockstar skinny jeans and the other is the Sweetheart bootcut jean.

Have you found any clothing at the thrift store lately??


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