Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas on the Porch

I know I said I wouldn't be decorating for Christmas until at least December 1st...but the weather here has been amazingly beautiful this week with temperatures in the high 50's and low 60's - not summer weather by any means but so gorgeous for Ontario in November!

I took advantage last weekend to string some lights onto the porch railing and in the shrubs and trees along the front of the house...but it needed something more.

I went to the Dollar Store and purchased five rolls of this red, green and white sinemay mesh ribbon and then draped it over the lights on the porch railing.  I also added red bows to the ends by the stairs.

I cut some pine and cedar branches from the trees in the yard and added them along with some sticks to my black iron urns on either side of the stairs.

I then used some wire to add some large red and white ornaments to the urns.

The ornaments I also purchased at the Dollar Store and they are plastic so I don't have to worry about them breaking.

Yesterday I purchased this wreath at one of the thrift stores I visited on a day out with my friend.

It's actually plastic and a bit retro, but I love it, and at just $5.00 it was a steal.  It should be able to withstand any bad weather that might be headed our way in the next month or so.

But right now, I'm just enjoying this unseasonably warm November...especially since the geraniums are still blooming beautifully on the porch!!



  1. The weather has been so great ( I have been traveling so no decorating yet) but this weekend... I cannot wait. I have to head to the dollar store to see if I can find that decomesh and replace my Gold/yellow. I love thus

    1. Thanks for stopping by...I will stop over and check out your blog

  2. Super cute porch Cheryl, I have not gotten that far yet...LOL!!! Merry Christmas


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