Thursday, October 31, 2013

HAPPY HALLOWEEN...Our Easy Pumpkin Decorating!

We don't get too carried away with Halloween here in our home...

Our kids are grown now and WAY past the trick or treatin' stage.

But we do still decorate and give out candy for all the little ones in the neighbourhood.

I purchased a pumpkin a couple of weeks ago,
and thought that we would at least carve it together as a family.

...but NO...

no one was too interested in continuing that tradition...insert sad face here  :(

This morning...I put together a quick pumpkin that required NO CARVING...cause let's face it,
 even I didn't want to stick my hands in that goop!

I got a few craft supplies together that were already here in the house...a few faux flowers, some ribbon and some push pins...

I figured this would be the easiest way to attach things to the pumpkin.

I have what my family calls an unhealthy affinity with birds...especially owls
 and I knew I wanted to try and turn this pumpkin into an owl!

The flowers had plastic backings so they easily pushed into the pumpkin.  I used them for the eyes.

Next I fashioned a beak out of one of the leaves from the flower stem...and used a push pin to attach it. Some more leaves from the flowers McG bought me last week for our anniversary were added for wings...

And here you have our pumpkin decorated for Halloween...just in time too!

Nothing scary...because we don't really need anything more scary here than this...

Sloan...our scary black cat with the glowing eyes!!  

Be careful, he's already waiting at the door for the trick or treaters!




  1. The pumpkin looks very festive, Cheryl. I have my treats ready to go this evening. I hope the rain lets up long enough for the neighbourhood children to make their rounds.

    1. It's been pouring here all day's hoping it stops for the kids to come out - I really don't need all the extra calories that the leftover candy will bring!

  2. Cute!! And, I always had a fear of black cats :( Happy Halloween!

    1. Lynn - no need to fear our Sloan...he's a scaredy cat and will run and hide as soon as the trick-or-treaters arrive at the door!

  3. Love that picture of Sloan with the glowing eyes! Have a Happy Halloween!!

  4. ahhhh cute kittie and cute decorting!!!


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