Saturday, February 22, 2014

Open Cabinets in the Kitchen...a Trial Run

I have been loving the look of open cabinets or shelving in the kitchen for sometime now...coveting all that I've been seeing on Pinterest.
  Like this one...

or this one...

Although I don't have white cabinetry in my kitchen (I really wish I did!), I decided to take off a couple of my cabinet doors this week just to see if I could live with the look in my own home.

First I had to take out a lot of the dishes and glassware that just wasn't pretty enough to be on display fulltime.

Then, since McG wasn't home, I had my son help me to take off the doors.  I took everything out, wiped down all the shelves and then put back in what we would need on a day to day basis.  The rest got sorted through and some was sent to the goodwill and some was relegated to another spot in the kitchen.

I added an EAT sign, that looks more like a FAT sign in this photo. 
 I really should have taken it from a better angle I guess!!  

I am living with it for now, tweaking it daily.  If I decide to keep it like this I will be papering the back for some added fun, but right now I'm just not sure it's for me.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look when it is done with white cabinetry and this might be something I do in the next McG is still adamant that I am not painting these cabinets.  

I guess I will have to work on him some more!!

Do you have open shelving in your kitchen?  Is it something that you would consider doing?
I'd LOVE to hear from you!


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  1. I'm not tidy enough for open shelving, but that's not a problem for you!

  2. We totally have not regretted taking the doors off our uppers. Love the look!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. took some of my doors off a few years ago and never looked back. LUV it.

  4. wow, that was a brave thing to do...and so smart to waut for your husband to be gone...LOL...sounds like something I would do. I wish I had white cabinets too...anywise, it looks awesome!!! Christine from Little Brags

  5. I think it looks really good! I was getting ready to say paint it white, and then I read the part about the hubs. Maybe if enough people suggest painting it in your comments he will give in! LOL I like where you are going with it!

  6. I took some of my doors off last year, painted the insides and I absolutely love it! The shelves can get dusty but since we use everything in there, I just do a quick wipe when it's free from stuff! It was a great way for me to get rid of things I didn't need!!

  7. thanks ladies...the hubby came home and looked at me like I was crazy for taking the doors off. It's been a few days now and he seems to be coming around to the idea of not having the doors there...the hardest part of this is getting everyone on board to putting the dishes back in the neat spots I've no one wants the job of unloading the dishwasher because keeping this cupboard neat is apparently too much work! LOL

  8. I have a few glass doors in my kitchen, it is not the same look, but I do like the look of the white open cabinets, I think you have to have pretty dishes and they have to be placed nicely. I think yours looks good.

  9. Ooo... I like the open shelves look you created. Looks great! The "FAT" sign picture cracked me up! ;)

  10. I love the open shelving....but I admit I only want it in my "pretty" cabinets...I finally (after a whole year) finished one cabinet in my kitchen with a mirror back and thick glass shelves. I took the doors off as a test to see how many times I'd actually have to dust....and it just kept morphing into other DIY projects....LOL. It also brightens up my kitchen like I never imagined!!! I am very sure that you will never want to put those doors back on once you do some tweaking and put your paper on the back....Love your looks wonderful:-)

  11. I love this,after working in commercial kitchen you get use to open shelves. Everything is at hand and fast. Your looks very pretty and color coordinated.


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