Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Garden Blooms

Since there's not much in the way of DIY'ing and home decorating projects going on right now, I thought I'd give you a quick tour of some of the garden today. 

These pictures were taken yesterday morning after a quick rain shower. 
 They were edited however for some reason when I transfer them to the blog
 - the green is showing up very intense.  

This is the back garden - I LOVE the Weigelia bush when it is in bloom.
..below is a closeup of the flowers.

 My container of black velvet petunias is starting to fill out nicely.

These are the Blue False Indigo in the side yard.
  I never think to pop over there much and end up missing some of the flowers.  

This past winter has been hard on the garden.
 My Clematis in the front yard is usually a show stopper
...this year only one bloom!!  

This is a Double Million Bells planter out in back. 

It's blooms resemble small roses.

This bloom belongs to the Dwarf Highbush Cranberry.
 It kind of resembles a hydrangea.

Here's a view of the front yard looking up from the driveway.

One of the many varieties of Hosta covered in raindrops.

The peony buds in the side yard.  They should open this week.

And the variegated Iris...a real show stopper!!
And that grape Koolaid-like scent gets me everytime!

Thanks for stopping by my garden this week!!



  1. These pictures aren't too bright! They are great! :)

    1. thanks Chelsey - but your need to show your Momma how to use the manual settings - maybe that will make them better!

  2. Wow, your garden is beautiful! Thanks for sharing...makes me want to get outside and improve ours!

  3. Perfect! Your gardens are just lovely. And I really, really need to carve out some time to work on ours!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three


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