Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Some last minute fixes...

Yesterday I gave you a tour of our home, ready for the real estate pictures to be taken.

Since then I have talked my son, who is 19 and knows pretty much everything,
 or so he tells me, into letting me put a comforter on his bed - at least until after the house is sold.

I didn't want his "skull blanket" to be what people saw of our house online. 
 Yes I deal with it on a daily basis, because let's face it,
 he's 19 and should have some say in how his room is decorated.

He chose the wall color and tile when he decided that he no longer wanted to
 "live" upstairs with the rest of us.  And for the most part I have given him that control. 
 But his choice of bedding would not have made the best reflection on our house.

So we went from this...

To this...

I didn't go out and buy something.
  This comforter set was actually in the yard sale pile after cleaning out the closets last week.
  It's one that McG and I had in our room previously.
  It's still in great shape and all it needed was a fluffing and some fabric freshener.

Now his room looks "sale" ready!

The sign was put on the lawn this morning and our house should be officially on the MLS by tomorrow. 
 It's really happening and I can't decide if I'm happy or scared to death...

Anyone else have those feelings when you decided to sell your home??
  I would love to hear how you got over them!!



  1. much cleaner and fresher looking!!!! great job! Christine from Little Brags

    1. Thanks Christine - I am liking it much better!

  2. Looks much better LOL! Good luck with the sale. I hope it is a fast and painless one!


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