Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Front Porch

Last week I gave my Facebook followers a sneak peek of my fall front porch decor.

Decorating for fall comes a little later around here....usually around the first of October.  Doing it in September just feels like we are trying to rush the seasons.  I for one do not like winter, so rushing fall in seems counter productive to me!

I switched out the flag to this new "Autumn" one...

...and added some orange and purple mini lights.

These huge Mums on either side of the stairs were just $20 each.  McG and I found them one Sunday on a drive in the county.

A few faux gourds and some scarecrows round out the display.

I am really loving how the warm fall colours seem to pop off the dark charcoal colour of the house.  It makes me want to snuggle up with a hot cup of cocoa and watch the world go by!

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  1. In the UK we don't do seasonal decorating just event decorating. We'd have a bit of something outside for Halloween and Xmas. That's really it. I'm thinking I might do a bit of Autumn decor this year and see what the neighbours think of me.😀

  2. So festive. I love the fall colors.

  3. It looks so pretty with the lights. I would love to take a stroll outside your house in the evening.

  4. Love it, especially all your pumpkins!

  5. Pumpkins and scarecrows ... love it! I also really like your lights ... pretty.

  6. Your have a cute home, I love the fall decorations. Have a happy day!

  7. Cheryl your porch looks super great, I live the color of the exterior paint with the white trim, great contrast!!!!


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