Friday, October 16, 2015

Styling Open Shelving

Earlier this week my son and I took off the cabinet doors and hardware in the kitchen.

We are beginning the kitchen renovation in the hopes that it will be completed before the Christmas holidays are upon us.  (cue the laugh track!)

Seeing as I now have to look at everything that is in my cabinets, I took some time yesterday afternoon to clear out things that haven't been used in awhile.  This then led to trying to style what was left in there to make it look "prettier". Using what you have is always a good no-cost way to decorate.

I am toying with the idea of removing these two cabinets and replacing them with two big chunky shelves instead.  To be honest with you though, I'm not sure I can do it.

This is the bare minimum that I could bring myself to pair down to, and quite frankly I still think there is too much here to be visually pretty.  I made sure to incorporate my blue Ball and Crown mason jars and a few other accessories.

But the most distracting thing for me is this orange Ethernet cable that you can see in the back here.
In order to get wi-fi in the rest of the house, the modem is in this cabinet.  Although I did my best to hide it, I'm not sure I want it on display all the time like it would be if we change this cabinet out to shelving.

For now, I am leaving it as is, and I'm searching for other possible methods or places to hide the modem without seeing.  I'd love it if you have any suggestions!!


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  1. Good Morning Cheryl, I love how you decorated your cabinets, your dishes, glasses and jars all look so pretty and the colors are beautiful. I have the same problem. Right in the middle of my vintage kitchen sets a modem that had to be installed to a phone jack and this old cottage only had one, so there it sets right next to my old kitchen scale. Then on the other wall across the doorway is our security screen. I guess we have to find a way to live with a modern and vintage combo. After all if our kitchens were truly vintage we might be hauling in dish water from a bucket hanging in the well outside and hauling in firewood to cook, LOL. I'm not ready for that kind of vintage, are you?
    Have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  2. Hi Cheryl, wow your open cabinets look awesome and the color of your dishes is perfect!!!


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