Monday, December 14, 2015

A Quick Update to the Small Bedroom/Storage Room and a Little Peak of the Kitchen!

We have four bedrooms in this house.  The tiniest room we were using for extra storage and as a work room while working on the kitchen.  It had been a nursery in a previous life and still had the "bear border" up there.

Yesterday we decided to clean up that room and try and organize it in a way that we would also be
able to use it as a workout room.  We have a treadmill that we would like to use, but it had been barricaded in with tools and stuff.

I took down the border using a mix of hot water and fabric softener to loosen the glue.  We left the cloud painted walls for now because painting this room is just not a priority.

Here's a look at some of the mess that was in there.  We purged some stuff and I took that to Value Village to donate.  Other stuff got put in totes and put in the garage.

We purchased two heavy weight plastic shelving units from Costco for $40 each and assembled them

Then today I picked up two matching shower curtains for $10 each and attached them to the shelving units with Velcro to hide the clutter.

I apologize for the dark pictures, it's been raining here today.  This room also didn't have an overhead
ceiling light, only a lamp that turned on when you flicked the light switch.

We had two cage lights leftover from the kitchen makeover that we didn't use.  McG added a hook in the center of the room and we hung the light and draped the cord over to the outlet and plugged it in. Now we have an overhead light. He will definitely be installing a proper ceiling fixture at some point, but this proved to be a great quick fix to our lighting issues in this room.

The room is more organized and brighter and now we can actually use the treadmill.  It was good to get this project checked off the to-do list, especially now that winter is upon us and we will be looking for ways to exercise indoors.

Be sure and stop by later this week when I will be revealing the kitchen makeover...Here's a sneak peek to tide you over!!



  1. Super idea to use the shower curtains to hide the shelving. Can't wait to see the kitchen.


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