Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Painting the Kitchen

Things are still moving along in the kitchen makeover...

We started to paint the walls this week.  I had chosen Magnetic Gray by Sherwin Williams,,,

...but it dried too blue.

Back to Lowe's I went to find something that was a truer Gray colour...and I think I found it with
Dorian Gray.

With so much white in the kitchen with the bead board and counters and cabinets, I felt I could
get away with a darker Gray.  It was very difficult picking a Gray..most were too blue, or too green.  Trying the colour in your room is a big help.  I had my heart set on the Magnetic Gray, but when it turned out so blue, I knew we had to go with something different.  We will use that paint in one of the spare rooms later this year.  It will definitely not go to waste!!

While McG has been at work this week, I've been painting trim.

He boxed in the window around the sink to give it a cleaner look.  We purchased two small cabinet doors at the habitat to finish off the ends of the cabinets.

I love to keep it real here's a picture taken this morning of the state of the kitchen...

No glamour shots here, that's for sure!!  Hopefully the next tour will have this put all back together!


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