Wednesday, May 04, 2016

An Addition to the Kitchen

Hello Friends!

Another month has gone by without a visit from me so I thought that today I would share with you a new addition to the kitchen that we purchased last week.

If you remember we had taken the old kitchen island, removed the top and separated it into two cabinets that we placed on either side of the large kitchen window near the table.

I had asked McG to build me a window seat between the two cabinets, but with the heat vent under the window he was hesitant.  He said he would prefer a bench that was up off of the floor somewhat so that air from the vent could flow into the room

Last week we popped into our local Home Sense store while out doing some errands.  We wandered to the back of the store just to check and see if they had any benches.  And he actually found this one!

It was a bit of a splurge but I had a gift card that covered half of the cost!

It has short legs that allows the air to flow out of the vent and into the room which made him happy. I just love the fact that it is cushioned and comfy and the grey teal colour works wonderfully in the room.

It's more of a living room bench than a kitchen bench, but we will be spraying it with fabric protector, and will be covering it if "little ones" are visiting and using it.  I love that it's cushioned and comfy.  It fills the space quite nicely and leaves enough room for draperies ( that will be re-hung shortly),  And if I tire of it here or decide that it's not working out well, we can always move into the living room for extra seating.

I'm working on some photos of our spring porch, but the weather is not co-operating today...I will pop in with those very soon!


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  1. A perfect spot for lots of activities, Cheryl...:)JP


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