Monday, November 14, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

At the end of last week's post about our new "wood planked wall" in the master bedroom, I asked for your suggestions with regard to whether to paint or stain the wood.

I have to say that I am not surprised that most of you voted to paint it white.  The reason I wasn't surprised is because that was my first intent as well.  A nice creamy white, much like this...

But then, I headed to Pinterest, and found many examples of stained wood that I just LOVED!!

On a trip with McG to Home Depot to buy some supplies for his garage project, I picked up a small can of Weathered Grey stain, hoping that would help me to solidify my choice.

I grabbed one of the extra boards that we had in the garage and tried it out.

The piece I chose had some knots and some variation in the colour of the wood, much like most of the boards we used on the wall.

I did not use wood conditioner prior to the stain because the look I was hoping for was more mottled and not uniform.

I love how the wood grain shows and some of the natural colour of the woods shows through.

I'm really leaning toward this look and I think that the other walls will look great painted a creamy white along with the trim and closet doors.

Have I won you over...or are you still voting for white??



  1. I say go for what you love the best! Good Luck with the project.


  2. omg that 2nd pic of the bedroom....DROOOOOOLING!!!!!! I like the stain!!! LUV LUV LUV..Good luck


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