Monday, November 07, 2016

Getting Back to Work!!


I can't believe that I have been away from this blog for so long!!  I'm sure that some of you thought that we had fallen off the planet..and I feel that way too!

This little part time job turned into almost full time hours for the last three months.  That, together with McG taking the last six weekends to go duck hunting, has really put a damper on our project list.

BUT - this weekend, we seemed to get ourselves in gear.  The weather here was amazing at 60+ degrees. I think that helped to get us into the mood to work.

Back in the spring a co-worker of McG's offered him over 200 square feet of pine flooring for free. He was doing some work on his house and ripping it out and replacing it.  McG took it, knowing that I was bound to find a use for it.

I, like everyone else, LOVE the look of shiplap walls and I knew that I wanted to try it somewhere in the house.  And with 200 square feet of it, we could do a few projects!! (wink, wink!!)

McG cleaned it up by cutting off the tongue pieces which were pretty damaged up when it was taken out.  It had a vanished finish on one side, so we turned it around and used the unfinished side.

Before we began, we found the studs behind the drywall with a stud finder and marked them with a chalk line.  We started at the ceiling and checked our work with a level and measuring tape as we worked our way down the wall, making sure to stagger the joints.

The wall we covered was 12 feet long.  The project took us just a couple of hours to complete.

McG secured it with his cordless Ryobi trim nailer using 2 inch nails because we had to go through 3/4 inch boards and 1/2 inch drywall.  My job was to sort through the pile of boards and select which boards would go where.

I am loving the look of the shiplap, but now am torn as to whether to leave it natural, to stain it, or to paint it white.

I'm headed to Pinterest to search out some inspiration to help me make my decision.

I'd LOVE to hear what you would do!!



  1. It looks great, Cheryl! I would either stain it or paint it white. If you paint it white, you will need to use a very good primer on those knots, probably 2-3 coats over them before painting. I'm including a link to what our son and daughter-in-law did in their bedroom. They happen to live in TX and her mother found real authentic shiplap that they used, but she ended up staining it: The natural looks good too, but I think you would need to paint the wall another color for better contrast. Good luck with your decision.

  2. Hi Cheryl, that looks amazing. I agree with Carol, stain it or paint it white....Gorgeous wall!!!!
    Since you guys are so great at doing that, I think you should come to my house just fos some extra practice? LOL


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