Monday, October 30, 2017


Hello Friends!

I'm back today with some exciting news!  I'm sure the title gave it away, but WE ARE MOVING THE LAUNDRY ROOM!

When we purchased this home three years ago, we were fine with the laundry being in a large closet in the family room.  We didn't see any reason to move it, but we did update the closet.  Here's a look back at what we had when we moved in and what it is like now.

After living with it like this for almost three years, I have finally talked McG into moving it into a small bedroom which we currently just use as storage.  That room got a small makeover as well last year.

I had wanted to steal some space from this room when we did the main bathroom makeover last year, but McG felt it would be better to leave this room as a bedroom option.  FAST FORWARD and I have finally talked him into making this room into a laundry room.

Part of the reason he went along with it is because earlier this year we had to purchase a new washer and dryer and the new appliances stick out from the wall a little further and thus we can't close the closet doors anymore.  This makes watching TV difficult at night since that's when most of the laundry is done.  Many times he will wear headphones to watch something and I will watch TV in the living room since we only have one pair of headphones. Not to mention, the eyesore that is the laundry room as it takes away from the decor in the family room (which will be getting a makeover beginning in January!!!)

We have pulled up the carpet and he has installed the water hookup in this room already.  Next will be to run the gas line for the dryer.  I have been on Pinterest checking out some inspiration and I have put together a mood board of sorts.

Two of the walls (the wall with the window and the back wall behind the washer and dryer) will be a dark navy and we have already purchased the vinyl plank flooring.  It's Allure in Harrison Pine Dark.  I already have one wood shelf but we may add a second one to hold "pretties".  I have purchased a similar clock and pear from the clearance at our local Homesense store.  I will add wicker and some faux plants to round out the decor.  All the storage that was in this room, will now be able to be stored in the old laundry room closet in the family, which is a much better solution for us.

I have so many ideas floating around in my head, but I will be sure to share them as things progress!

Here's hoping this project proceeds fairly quickly!!


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