Thursday, October 12, 2017

What We've Been Up To...

It seems forever since I've had something to sit down and write about.

The summer flew by it seems.  We enjoyed our pool and worked in the yard...but nothing else got done on the never ending house project list.  Don't get me wrong after the three week push to get the pool in and landscaped, we both were ready for some down time. 

But fall has arrived and I'm itching to get back to the list.  This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and McG took a break from his hunting weekends to be at home.  I took advantage of that and suggested that we cross a project off the list.

We had decided that we were going to replace the front doors on the house, but after checking out options and getting over some serious sticker shock, we decided just to "fix up" the current doors we had.  The doors are not my favourite and are a bit too ornate for the cottage-y vibe I'm trying to create in this house, but I'm willing to work with them to save some money for other projects.

They were a cornflower blue when we first moved in but I painted them a rich navy. The colour was great at first but after three years they were tired and needed something new.

We took them down, McG scraped out the old caulking around the windows and then he sanded them.  Each door got three coats of Rustoleum Gloss Apple Red paint after we taped off the windows.

Once they were dry (which took overnight, so McG slept on the couch to make sure no one came in through the screen doors while we slept) we hung them back up the next morning.

Once they were hung we painted the trim around the window a crisp white to make the doors pop!

We also added new door hardware which we purchased last year when we installed the new back door.  I really LOVE how the doors now POP against the dark grey of the siding.

A project that could have easily cost thousands of dollars was accomplished with $40 in spray paint!!

The regularly scheduled hunting weekends are back on the agenda, so it could be awhile before we begin another project...but next up on the list is - MOVING THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!!

I hope you stay tuned for our next DIY adventure!!


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  1. I have the same front door and mine's painted red. However, your door looks a thousand times better than mine. I used a brush to paint the door so I have a few streaks but I convinced myself people couldn't see the streaks from the street.


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