Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mirror, mirror - on the wall!

If you are a fan of The Creative Me and My McG on Facebook - last week you would have seen this sneak peek..

I scored two of these beauties last week at Homesense for $15.00 as the sticker clearly shows (actually I'm quite pleased with myself for getting such a great picture of the sticker without it being fuzzy - a new camera is on my Christmas wish list)..Anyway - back to the reason I was so excited about this find...We have pretty much finished the living room renovation, but I still had a HUGE blank wall above the couch...

I was looking for something different and had been on pinterest for awhile when I spotted these lovelies...




I knew my beauties would look lovely like these mirrors do...horizontal on the wall over my couch.  McG was a little skeptical because after all the mounting hardware that came on the mirrors was for a vertical hang.  But once I showed him these "pins" he could see the look I was going after.  My mirrors are smaller than those in the pictures above, but I really love the way they look in the room...

The are a lovely finish to our living room...for now (lol) - because, really is any room ever finished?!



  1. Beautiful job!!! :) Perfect touch!

  2. thanks Aleksandra - I really love them! - hope you visit again and become a regular follower!


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