Sunday, December 23, 2012

Really, You Want Me to Install That Today???

McG and I spent some time today running errands and checking out some last minute sales...We ended up at Canadian Tire, which is not the place he likes to take see- I LOVE CANADIAN TIRE!!!  I love that its a one stop shop...and we go often for deals on paper towels and cat litter ( I know, not exciting) but they have a great housewares department and they have crazy deals all the time that aren't always advertised.

We went in actually looking for some hot chocolate for our Tassimo, 'cause I know that they have a big selection of the disks there.  They were out of stock though.  So as not to waste the trip, McG wandered off into the hunting section (as he always does) and I wandered off to see what the deals were in the back of the store. That's where they hide the really good deals - and that's where I found this...

made by Peerless...

It was regularly priced @ $179.99 - on sale for $71.99 - and, for me, that sealed the deal!    That baby was in my cart ASAP!! However,  I must have been taking too long, because before I knew it McG was standing beside me with a look on his face.  I'm sure you know the one...the one that says - "It's 2 days before Christmas, I'm off on holidays from work, and you want me to install that today???"  So I said - "doesn't everyone get a new faucet for Christmas!" (No I didn't but I wanted to!)  At $108.00 off the regular price I just wanted to buy it with the intention of installing it after the holidays.  We had actually seen this one below at IKEA a few weeks back and we both thought it would make a nice addition to our kitchen...

...but we really, really didn't like the price tag... @ $199.99 US -  I knew we could get the look without spending that much money.  One thing I didn't account for though, was the shelf I had mounted below my window in the kitchen...

I loved that little shelf.  Our window ledges are not wide enough for a plant or any other decorative elements, so this shelf gave me some more space to decorate.  Needless to say though, it was the first thing to go in order to make room for that new faucet.  Here it is half-way through the install process.  (this picture really doesn't show the holes left from the shelf)

and here it is fully installed with the shelf gone and the putty on the wall to fill the holes where the shelf was.

It looks great and I love that McG installed it today...but it looks like there will be some drywall sanding going on here tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and maybe even some painting...NEVER A DULL MOMENT HERE!  

In fact, we can't even do dishes because our hot water tank went on the fritz this morning and the company we rent it from can't send a repairman until sometime tomorrow I said, never a dull moment!!!

Do you like my new faucet?  Is anyone else out there installing something new or finishing a project just 2 days before Christmas??

We'd LOVE to hear from you!


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  1. I LOVE your new faucet. We are constantly fixing around here. Is a fixer every really fixed???

    Sorry you had to let go of your little shelf.



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