Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Little Taste of Mexico...Chicken Tortilla Soup

Okay - we are leaving the DIY behind today in favour of showing you this great new soup recipe that I found.

Many of you know that I am currently trying to eat gluten free...I started this journey after reading the book entitled, Wheat Belly.   Now, I'm not going to push this way of life on anyone - but this has been a conscious choice for me for the last month and a half or so...

It is not as difficult as I thought adapting to this lifestyle change.  Especially when you can make tasty things like this...

MEXICAN TORTILLA SOUP!!!  This is the recipe in the Wheat Belly book - however I modified it a bit, because I didn't have all the ingredients on hand.  Regardless though it was amazingly good and very easy to make.

I sauteed 1/2 an onion and 2 large cloves of garlic in some olive oil.  I did not saute the chicken because I used pre-cooked chicken I had on hand in my fridge, leftover from last night's dinner.

Instead of boxed chicken stock, I used 4 cups of water with 2 tablespoons of chicken bouillon powder mix.  Next I added a large can of diced tomatoes.  I then added a chopped green pepper and some mushrooms that I sliced up. (The recipe doesn't call for mushrooms, but I had them here!)  The recipe does call for jalapeno pepper but because I didn't have any on hand, I omitted that.   I then added the cooked chicken once the stock and tomatoes came to a boil.  I turned down the heat and added the sauteed onion and garlic and some freshly cracked pepper and salt to taste.

I simmered the soup for 30 minutes as directed and then served it up in a shallow bowl.  I added 1 ounce of shredded cheddar cheese to the top...

and then instead of crackers, I added corn tortilla chips..

The recipe suggests also to serve it with sliced avocado and cilantro on top, as well as, sour cream.  Since I didn't have those things on hand, again I omitted them.

The soup has wonderful flavour and is very filling.  It's definitely a soup I think you should try!


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