Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Sunday!

The sun was shining yesterday....And Sloan was enjoying it!

Hope it's sunny where you are today!


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  1. Good Morning, Cheryl

    Sloan (and the rest of his feline kind) are so good at finding the perfect, sunny spot to relax.

    Thanks for bringing your puss's photo to "Sunlit Sunday". (I hope you enjoy the other posts.)


  2. Hi Cheryl, My kitties love the sun -- just like your precious Sloan! Wonderful! Happy Sunlit Sunday!

  3. Hi Cheryl, greetings from Ireland

    Lovely photo of your lovely cat!

    I'm popping over to visit after linking with Karen's Sunlit Sunday.

    Have a good week


  4. thank you ladies - I'm glad you liked my little Sloan in the sun...he enjoys soaking up the rays whenever he can...

  5. Hi Cheryl, so happy to visit for my first time. I love the Sunlit Sunday meme. I am not much of a decorator but love the antiques and consignment shops. My dad was an antique dealer. He specialized in oak furniture and glassware. Had two shops. I have many things he gave me. Looking forward to visiting again.

  6. Sloan looks quite content! We had sun for the morning but it's gone now, but that's okay..I enjoyed it while it lasted!

  7. Sloan looks very contented and happy.

  8. That's just the place I'd be if the sun were shining in!


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