Thursday, February 14, 2013


Those of you that follow by Facebook already know that McG and I don't normally make a big deal over Valentine's Day - maybe a card or something small...

But today I realized that this is our 30th Valentine's Day together as a couple.  Back in 1983 we had only been dating a few short months when we celebrated our first Valentine's Day together...I was 17 and he was 20 - WOW - that's a long time together!!  YAY FOR US!!  We have weathered many storms together and here we still are!

So today I decided to surprise him with a Valentine's centerpiece.  I am cooking him dinner and thought it would be nice if we dined in the dining room for a change instead of in the kitchen...

I went to WalMart this morning and picked up a $3.00 package of Hershey kisses and a card for him (I KNOW, BIG SPENDER!!  LOL)  Once I was home I started pulling out all the red things I could find...I decided on a red, aqua and silver colour scheme.  Here's how it turned out...

I left my aqua runner on the table and added a large red urn that I had on the hallway table.  To that I added a red plate and a pink mini rose that I had bought earlier in the week - it is in an aqua pot.  I scrounged around and found some red and silver candle holders as well.   

I had some wine here and decided to add that and some wine glasses to the display.  I scattered the kisses and some red and white mints I had here already over the table.  Here's a closer look...

A quick and lovely centerpiece for just the cost of the kisses and a card...

I'm sure he will LOVE it!



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  1. It looks lovely, Cheryl. Happy Valentine's Anniversary to you!

    1. thanks - we had a lovely dinner! He bought me some pretty flowers...still some romance there after 30 Valentine's Days together


  2. So beautiful...."Happy Anniversary" to you.!!!!!

  3. Really pretty and happy Valentine's anniversary. This year, my husband and I celebrated our 49th Valentine's together! We were very young high school sweethearts on the first one, so I understand how special each year added can be. Hope you both enjoyed the day!!!

  4. What a romantic setting. I'm jealous, really a sweet surprise.
    Just seeing that V-day setting I could say that it was fun and lovely day.

    Danyelle Franciosa


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