Wednesday, March 20, 2013

$15 Bathroom Update!


As in many parts of the country, Spring is taking its sweet 'ole time getting here...and as I mentioned before, I was having a Hate My House episode when I got back from vacation.

I showed you how I have been re-arranging several rooms to make way for Spring and get over hating my house...Well, you can't re-arrange the bathroom, but you can update it very cheaply!

Here is my bathroom before pics - dark grey waffle shower curtain and dark artwork.  The walls are a light aqua blue.

This upstairs bathroom is used by all family members since our home doesn't have a master bathroom, however, we don't shower is this bathroom - all showering is done in the basement bathroom.  So the shower curtain in here is just for decorative purposes only and never gets used.

Way back in January, I purchased this new shower curtain at Home Goods on one of our cross-border shopping trips - it was $14.99.

It has some beautiful colours in it, including a blue that matches perfectly with the bathroom wall colour.  Here it is up close...a soft beige background, with aqua, orange and a touch of purple.

I think it really warms up the bathroom and adds that much needed change I was looking for!
I also changed out the artwork to this piece of wrapping paper that came in the Woman's Day magazine awhile back...the artwork was done by HGTV's David Bromstead!  I had been waiting to use it and it works perfectly with the colours of the new shower curtain!

I also found these cute owl dishes for putting your jewellry/rings in while washing up - they were only $1.50 for the pair over at Micheals and they are perfect to go with the new artwork!!  I LOVE it when things come together!

So there you have it - a whole new look to the bathroom for just $15!!  Well with the tax, probably closer to $20 - but still a great deal!

What do you think???  I'd love to hear your comments on my "new" bathroom!  (Oh, and the next time  you see this room it will have white cabinets and trim! - I'm just waiting for McG to start his weekend fishing trips -he gets a little stressed over painting wood - but he'll get over it!!!)


  1. I like the shower curtain and when you paint, it will look very fresh in there! Great choice!

  2. The shower curtain really brightened up the space! Once you paint, it will brighten up even more! Great job!!!
    p.s. ... love owls!

  3. Hey Cheryl, me again...Angela from twelveoaksmanor. thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love your shower curtain...such a pretty pattern too. Great tile floor as well.

  5. Cheryl, you did a really nice update. I like the shower curtain and the clever artwork idea!

  6. Well done! It looks like a completely different space.

  7. It’s really nice when things fall into place, doesn’t it? Especially when decorating since we aim for the better look of our bathroom. The color of your bathroom wall is easy to match with everything else inside, so I am not surprised that you got to redecorate yours at a very cheap price. Good job!

    Mathew Bergeron


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