Monday, March 25, 2013

Planked ceilings and Family Room Tour

There is so much on the blogs and pinterest right now about planked walls and ceilings...You've seen the this

(I so wish my laundry room ceiling could be like this!)

or this great kitchen with wide plank ceilings...


It's a beautiful trend, in my opinion, and one that we have had in our home for about ten years now...

Hey, does that mean I'm a trend-setter!!!  I think so!!!

Here are the ceilings in our basement family room...

Warm, lovely, tongue and groove cedar that gives our family room a rustic lodge feeling...Now originally McG had wanted to finished the ceilings down here with a drop ceiling.  I wanted the ceiling to be drywalled...McG wanted to have access to the plumbing and gas pipes in the kitchen which is above this room, so we compromised and decided on this option.  It was a little unconventional ten years ago when we finished the room, but it seems right on trend with what many DIY'ers are doing nowadays!

Some of you may remember our family room when it was decorated for Christmas, but I thought since I was showing you the ceilings today, I would give you the full UN-holiday decorated tour!

This is the view as you come down the stairs and enter the room.

This is from the same vantage point, just looking a little to the right and a great shot of the colour variations in the ceiling.

Here's a full on view showing the room and the ceiling together...see a cozy, lodge feel!  McG is a hunter/fisherman and wanted to have some "cabin" feel here at home.

McG and I completed the room ourselves, including the drywall, ceilings, and fireplace - the only thing we had professionally installed was the carpeting.  I just love my handy husband! (he does most of the work...I am just the helper and the idea person)

Thanks for stopping by - hope you enjoyed the tour!

 Do you think our ceilings make us on trend??
I do!!


  1. That is one beautiful room, Cheryl. Love it!!!


  2. Beautiful Cheryl! Love the ceiling!! Is that a Texas star I see hanging on your wall??!! LOL!!~~Angela

  3. I love it! If our ceilings weren't so low, I would totally do that. Are you in Texas? The star is really popular here.

  4. Ladies we live in Ontario Canada - but rusty stars are something I just gravitate towards...I purchased that one in Shipshewana Indiana a few years back! thanks for stopping by!

  5. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing the inspiration pictures as well! The second one helps me to better envision our kitchen!

  6. Simply stunning and bravo for installing it all yourself! Love the curio cabinet.

  7. What a beautiful room! LOVE the ceiling too!

  8. What a great family room, Cheryl! It looks so comfortable and welcoming.

  9. Not only are you trendy - maybe, you started the trend - lol!! I think it is beautiful - the room looks so cozy!


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