Monday, September 16, 2013

New Additions to the Office

A couple of weeks ago, McG and I went to Michigan for the day with some friends of ours to do some shopping and have dinner. 
 I always enjoy going over with another couple, because it gives McG someone to hang with while we ladies are hitting stores like Kirkland's, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby...and such!!

I found a pair of tablecloths at Big Lots that I just had to have! 
 I love tablecloths as a no-sew curtain option. 
 These were 60 x 84 as you can see...and with the addition of some ring clips they make a great statement curtain panel!

The room I am using for my office used to be my son's bedroom, but now he's decided to take up residence in a basement bedroom.  I have shown you this room before, but I have added a few pieces in here...and these "curtains" will help tie the room together.  The colours are warm - with reds, rusts, beige and brown - and just a hint of gold.  The wall colour in here is called "Straw" and is a golden tan/khaki colour.

The curtains co-ordinate lovely with the fabric on my chair...I don't know the name of it since its been on the chair since I was a teenager almost 30 years ago!!

The walls in these pictures seems to show up as more yellow in these photos, however, it was hard to take a picture today with the sun streaming in..I had to close the blinds a bit and use the flash.  I have added the loveseat that was in the living room to this room.  I also completed a make-shift gallery wall with all the artwork that seems to be collecting in this room from other parts of the house.  Rather than stack them on shelves as they wait to be used again, I figured I would hang them up!

I really love how the curtains add some needed colour and warmth to the room...I am always on the lookout for tablecloths at a reasonable price.  They are definitely an economical way to add life to a room!

Have you ever used tablecloths as curtains in your home?



  1. Your table cloth curtains are luvly. I have never used table cloths as curtains, but I have covered chair seats in them (see my post lighter brighter dining room) and I use vintage lace ones as throws. Table cloths are rarely used as table cloths in my home :-)
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Love the curtains, how fun. Such a great idea and the room looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love the curtains. I love to do this as well because I really don't like to sew :) And, at $! Love how they accent your office so well. Hope you are doing well!!

  4. Thanks ladies for the lovely comments! I just love my tablecloth curtains...they are an answered prayer for someone like me who doesn't know how to sew!!

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks so much for visiting and following! I have never used tablecloths as curtains but I have purchased one panel and have cut it up to make short curtains! Your curtains look fabulous in your room and you saved soooo much money! You will have me looking at tablecloths in a whole new way now!


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