Thursday, September 05, 2013

Better Homes and Gardens Decor @ Dollar Store Prices

Did you see the cloche that Krista over at The Happy Housie made out of a dollar store urn??
 If not, you really need to hop over and check it out! 

She purchased a candle urn and turned it into this cute cloche.  I have been looking for a cloche for sometime now, but the prices have kept me from having one! 
 This was made from a Better Homes and Gardens candle urn that she found at her local Dollarama store for just $3!!

I headed out this morning to my local Dollarama but was not able to find one.  However, I did find this cute Better Homes and Gardens floral arrangement in a sweet tin pot for just $3!

It has creamy white flowers including a gerbera daisy, a hydrangea bloom, and a lily, along with some leaves and filler.  

If you peel back the Dollarama sticker, you can clearly see the Better Homes and Gardens sticker!

The little tin pot is dreamy with a cute punched out design and some chippy paint!  They had different flower colours to choose from but I thought the white selection would offer the most versatility for the money.  I added some orange flowers and an autumn pick to the arrangement to add some fall touches to my home.

I thought they would look lovely at Christmas time as well by adding some poinsettias to the arrangement or some other winter themed floral picks. Here's a closer look at the arrangement.

I purchased two of these, knowing I would have many opportunities to use them all over my home!  

I am sure that they were much higher priced when they were offered through Walmart - in fact I think I remember seeing them for closer to $20 a piece!

I am still on the lookout for the urn that Krista over @ The Happy Housie found...wish me luck on finding it!!
Does your Dollar store sell name brand products at reduced prices?  I'd love to know what you are finding!!



  1. I like the cutout on the container, very cute! Maybe I should be wandering through my local Dollarama, but I'm trying to declutter. Don't tempt me. :)


    1. Karen - decluttering isn't working in my house..LOL! I really wanted the candle urn to make the cloche, but settled for these...for now!! Still hoping to find the urn - it will be my mission this week!

  2. Oh Cheryl, you just gave me a great idea!!! I have been looking for a cheap project for a website I work for! Thanks, this is perfect and maybe I will use something spooky!

  3. hope you find a cloche to add to your home. I don't have one, mainly because I am afraid our little monkeys will destroy it

  4. Greetings from a fellow Ontario person! Saw you comment over at ABM about the Steven and Chris show mentioning them. I love that show!

    Nice find from Dollerama. I was just there the other day and found a nice wooden box designed to hold teabags, that I was going to use for a different project, until my husband nabbed it to actually use to store his tea!


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