Thursday, November 20, 2014

News and Some Housekeeping

Life has been busy here...

Our daughter is getting ready to move into her first our home is again filled with boxes.

Some empty and waiting to be filled.......others filled to brim.  

Our spare room is looking more like we just moved in.

This is even harder for me than our move two months ago. 
  I know she's ready and it's the natural progression...
and as much as her messy room drives me crazy - 
I am missing her already!
(but shhhh don't tell her!!)

We've been busy shopping and buying things that she will need.

There have been some small projects going on here as well.

We've painted the entry doors and the door handles.

Rustoleum Black paint and Hammered Metal for the handles - updated them wonderfully!

They were sad and neglected with worn brass handles.

This door will be replaced in the spring, but this quick project cleaned it up and gives it a few
more months of life.

We also, changed out the lights on the front porch.
(The house will be painted in the spring as well)

To these lovelies!

We had these sconces in the entryway and the hallway - most likely original to the house.

 Brass and smoked glass...yummy - NOT!!!  

They all got switched out to these oil rubbed bronze fixtures.

They come in single, double, and triple light options.  
We bought one of each - the double went into the entryway,
 the triple in the middle of the hallway and the single at the end of the hall.
We are using LED bulbs in them all and we LOVE them!! 
 They provide so much more light than
the old ones did and they fit well into our decor.

There seems to always be some small project going on here.
I don't always feel that everything is blog-worthy but I wanted to share
with you what's been happening around here.

There have been small Christmas decorating projects going on as well,
and I hope to share those with you next week after we help get our daughter and her
boyfriend settled into their new home.

Are any of you becoming empty-nesters of dealing with a child moving out?
I'd love to hear how you are coping!!



  1. We are empty-nesters and have been for eight years. It gets easier with time ... you'll love the peace and quite eventually. And the house stays neat and clean for a lot longer, lol!



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