Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's Blooming - Week #8

WOW - can you believe that we have had eight weeks of blooming already and its not even July!

I must admit though, the bloomers have slowed down quite a bit - there are only three "new" things blooming this week.

First up - the Belle Flower - this one is a real self-seeder and will take over the garden if you are not careful!

But don't you just love its vibrant blue-purple colour!!

Next up - the purple Clematis.

And finally the Brown-Eyed Susan - this variety is native to our area and blooms much sooner than the type you buy at the nursery.

It's been HOT here the last few days and they are predicting these temperatures to stay with us for awhile.
  I am hoping that I can keep these blooms lasting for more than a couple of days!

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