Sunday, June 02, 2013

Thrifty Finds...installment 2

This week McG was able to join me on my yard-saling tour.  He doesn't often come with me because he's usually working on Saturday mornings, so it was a treat. 
 Although maybe not for him because I had him up and out of the house by 8 am!

There were quite a few sales yesterday including a town wide sale in Cottam, which is about a 20 minute drive from where we live.

We stopped for coffee and a muffin before we started, knowing he would need that to start his day!

The sales did not disappoint.  We both found many treasures and between us we spent about $15.00.

Here's what I found - my portion totaled $10.75.

White wicker plant stand $2
Summer purse $2
Metal box for door $1
wicker basket $1
Metal tray $1
2 metal planters and small plant hanger $2 (total)
filter for fridge $1
yellow pail 0.25
wicker orb 0.25
2 small Tupperware bowls 0.25 for both

Here's a closer look at the tin box for door arrangements. It will be nice to have something different up there besides my grapevine wreath!  I love the yellow colour and all its rusty goodness.

This is a closer look at the metal tray after I gave it a quick coat or Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  Not sure where I should use this but I loved the little bird detail on the ends.  Any suggestions???

This is the little metal plant hanger.  I had McG  mount it for my hanging strawberry plant.

Here is it (you can see one of the metal plant baskets too, if you look in the left corner)

The other planters got a fresh coat of paint as well.  The white wicker planter is waiting for a pot of flowers, and I have to get some coco mats to line the other planters.

All in all a great day.  McG bought a small solar battery charger for his boat for 50 cents!  He also got a small organizer for his work bench for 1.50 and some FREE metal tent pegs!

Hope you got some great thrifty finds of your own this week!


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