Friday, June 28, 2013

Thrifty Finds

Wow - it's Friday already and I am getting ready for another great weekend of yard sales...but I forgot to show you what I snapped up last weekend!

I was on my own for sales, McG went fishing with his Dad and brother.  He has really been a lucky charm for me, but I was hoping for some luck on my own.

I found a few things - and spent a total of $14.00

First up - an antique bevelled mirror - $5.00  (didn't really need a mirror, but for that price I wasn't leaving it there - you never know when a mirror might come in handy)  It's a bit dusty - but I was anxious to get my pictures taken!!

A garden plaque - 25 cents!

A lamp - black candle stick base and gold shade with black trim - $1!!  I asked if it was working and they said it was - it even had a working bulb in it and it is a touch lamp tri-lite! -  BONUS SCORE!!

A purple purse, brand new, with the tags still on - $2!  I picked this up for my daughter, who at age 23, still loves purple!

A wooden sign - $1 - I was excited to find this...needing something for along the fence on the side of the garage...

I got it hung as soon as I got home - no wasting time on this one!

and finally - the find of the day...drum roll please!!!

A 4 ft brand new piece of counter-top for...wait for it....$5!!
McG has been wanting a place to clean his fish and is going to build himself a fish cleaning station in the garage, because I don't want him doing it in the kitchen!  It was marked $10 but when
I asked if they would take $5 they said YES - another great SCORE!!

We are set to visit some friends at their campground about an hour's drive from here this weekend.
The campground is having a YARD SALE!!
I am hoping that my lucky streak continues - I'll let you know next week
Until then!!


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  1. You got some awesome deals and I just love that mirror.

  2. I like the mirror! What a find, getting the counter for your husband's fishing station.

  3. You sure found so many things and all at such low prices! I'm sure your husband was thrilled with your find for the fish station!
    I'm your newest follower btw!


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