Friday, January 23, 2015

Ideas for the Master Bathroom...

We've been slowly and steadily making headway on our ensuite bathroom.

It's a very tiny room that was covered in 1970's wallpaper when we first moved in.

Picture...walnut stain cabinets with peach countertops and white 4x4 wall tiles on the floor.

And did I mention...shower doors with sailboats etched onto them.

I quickly ripped down the wallpaper, and it's pretty much been sitting this way for the past four months.

I've made a mood board with some ideas for the upgrade and slowly we've been knocking them off.

First up - paint the cabinet black (similar to the one in this photo from Decor Adventures)
 and replace or paint the countertop.

We have purchased new faucets and cabinet hardware already.  

Next paint the wall behind the cabinet and the wall with the shower a soft grey, 
similar to Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.

The other two walls will get planking with vinyl peel and stick flooring similar to what is shown.  

We are taking the shower doors off and replacing them with a satin nickel finish shower rod and this shower curtain that I have already purchased from Target on clearance.

I can't wait to show you how it all comes together!!


  1. Hi Cheryl! You're a busy girl ... I have a shower curtain very much like the one in the picture. Looking forward to the reveal!

    1. Thanks Sue! There's alot to update around here.... and we are slowly making this house OUR home


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