Saturday, January 03, 2015

Updates to the Laundry Closet - our Christmas project!

It's been a long time coming...and I should have gotten this posted sooner, but life takes over sometimes.  Especially at the holidays and when you are sick.

I contracted a cold that turned into a sinus infection over the Christmas holidays and for New Year's I had the shingles.  To say that I'm looking forward to a HEALTHY 2015 would be an understatement at this point!

But it seems, even though I was sick  - LOTS was accomplished over the holidays.

Today's reveal is the new and improved laundry closet.

This project was WAY DOWN  on the list of things to do, but it quickly got pushed up to the top of the list when the extra fridge we had in our garage died two weeks before Christmas.  I went out there one afternoon to look for something to cook for dinner and realized that pretty much everything in there was defrosted!!  UGH!!

We knew we wanted to upgrade the fridge in our kitchen to stainless steel, so we worked on making space in the closet to house the old fridge from the kitchen as our new "extra" fridge.  This would be much easier then trekking out to the garage everytime we wanted something to cook.  It would also give us extra space for pop and other beverages and free up some space in the kitchen fridge.

Here is the closet...

It houses our washer and dryer and laundry sink.

It had cabinets across the whole closet at the top that provided great storage, but we needed to get rid
of one section in order to make room for the fridge.

The walls were dark panelling that was painted an off white many years ago.

And they had "great" linoleum floors from the 70's!

I primed the walls and painted the cabinets a fresh coat of semigloss white paint.
McG put down new sub flooring right over the existing floor.
  He also put in new electrical boxes and switches.

He then added melamine boards to the wall four feet up all the way around the room.

We purchased vinyl tiles for the floor.  These are high quality and groutable, but we chose not to grout them.

Here's a closer look.

 We painted the upper portion of the panelling Designer Grey which is a pre-mixed Home Trends paint by CIL we purchased at Wal-Mart.

McG added a PVC trim to the top of the melamine wainscotting and a shelf for me to store my laundry soap on.

You can see the fridge there in the back of this photo,

Here's a closer look at the shelf, which he stained with some leftover mahogany stain we had from the stairs at the other house.  We purchased two inexpensive metal brackets to mount the shelf.

This project came together fairly quickly because we had a deadline to have the old fridge moved out of the kitchen so that the new one could be installed just after Christmas.

The room is so much brighter and now that we moved the dryer down in the room next to the washer, it makes doing laundry a whole lot more pleasant!!

Did you do any projects just before Christmas?  I'd love to hear about them!!


  1. What a great space now. It looks fabulous. I love having an extra fridge close by too. Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Thanks Marty!! I'm starting to feel better, but this cold is still hanging on!

  3. Looks great, sunny and fresh. Hope you get to feeling better. Hugs, Diane

  4. WOW those floors are awesome! Looks great Cheryl. Cheers to a New year and get beginnings. Feel better soon.

  5. Well that's am improvement! We built a fence over Christmas and did a little reorganizing inside. Slowly but surely.

  6. Great area for laundry. We had those old 70's floor tiles that we discovered when we did the kitchen reno last spring. My winter project is to clean the back basement and declutter and downsize all that is in there.

  7. Very nice! My laundry room needs a complete the sign! ;) Happy 2015! Hope you're feeling better...

  8. What a great project! That looks great and will be so handy. I would love to have an extra fridge and/ or freezer in the house. Great job.


  9. It looks great! I am so sorry to hear that you were sick and had the shingles. I'm glad that you are now feeling better.


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