Monday, January 19, 2015

Laundry Closet for Christmas....Pantry Updates for the New Year

Wow - what a year end it was!!
Great changes in the Laundry Closet just before Christmas...
and a new pantry makeover for New Year's!

Because I had shingles and we couldn't go out and mingle to ring in the New Year, 
McG decided that we should take our holiday decorations down the morning of New Year's Eve. 

If truth be told, we probably wouldn't even put decorations up for the holidays if he had his way...
he's a bit of a SCROOGE!!  But, I'm quite the opposite and I really LOVE Christmas!!

I agreed that it would be the perfect time to take them down though,
 since they had been up since the end of November.  

Once the boxes were out of the pantry, McG felt that he should use
 this opportunity to spruce up the pantry with new flooring and paint. 
The old floor looked like this...

 A not too pretty pattern from the 70's.  It was even pieced in at one point.

There was no caulking or trim either.  I guess it's only a pantry but McG definitely felt it needed an upgrade.  Truth be told I did too, but it wasn't high on my priority list.

 Who am I to argue though when he gets an idea in his head!!  LOL  
 With a quick trip to Home Depot he purchased the same flooring we put into the laundry closet.

It's a great, high quality vinyl tile that looks like ceramic and is groutable.
  We didn't grout it however.  It's easy to install, just peel and stick.

Before the tile got installed he decided to shore up the floor with some leftover wood he had from the flooring project in the laundry closet.  

You will also notice that he painted the walls.  
Before he could do that though, he caulked around the perimeter of the room with paintable caulking.

The room was an off white that had yellowed over the years. 
 We hadn't expected to paint, but we found half a gallon of white paint to which we added two sample pots, one a soft blue and the other a soft grey color. 
 We ended up with a great blue-grey color that really freshened up the space,
 and at NO COST, it was a great bonus!

Note to self...remove the beer bottle before taking pictures! 
 He was celebrating was New Year's Eve after all!!

The existing shelving has these great galvanized metal brackets
...that unfortunately he started painting before I could get there.
I did get him to stop so they weren't totally ruined.

Once the walls were painted a good coat, he tackled the floor. 
 The room is exactly 3 feet by 11 1/2 feet, so the tiling took no time at all. 
 We worked in tandem, me handing him the tiles and him putting them in.
 There wasn't room for us both to work in there with it being so narrow.

Once the floor was installed he caulked around the walls again since we would not be putting trim on.

Then we could start filling it up again!

We have plans to change out the shelves with stained wood, 
but for now we left the existing shelves as is.

It's great to have another room off the to-do list. 
 Secretly I think McG prefers these tiny rooms
...he's now onto the ensuite bathroom which is the next tiny room on the list!!


  1. Looks fabulous. I love a nice clean space. The tile is perfect.

  2. Thanks ladies - I am loving the fresh clean look!!

  3. An awesome job...looks great......:)JP

  4. Such a huge difference Cheryl, and I'm sure you're enjoying your new space tons! I know I would!


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